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3 Easy peasy lemon squeezy Party Tips for Guys

3 Easy peasy lemon squeezy tips to look Happening in any party

-> Key is to be Easy & Comfy

Tip No. 1 : Be Basic

Wear a Loose Basic TShirt or a Classic/Vintage Check Shirt with Ripped Jeans
Everything that looks easy and comfy – Attracts


Tip No. 2 : Canvas Connection

Wear any Regular Fit Blue Denim with a Fit Basic (Solid Colour) T-Shirt – I personally love plain white T-shirts
With Canvas Shoes & a Loose Denim/Leather Jacket – I prefer my Denim jackets though


Tip No. 3 : Outshine

Depending upon the party situation if its a dance party / Beach sort of situation

You can anytime wear a ripped … Super ripped denim with a Basic Tshirt , Have a vintage Shirt tide to your waist
& Metallic shoes – I have silver shoes so thats the one for me.


Hope it helped a bit !! Have a very happy & Fad New Year !! 

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