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5 Ways To Club Super Ripped Denim This Summer ! – Men Fashion

Although I am no expert on fashion (Not even close) but still I tried to put together 5 looks with super ripped denim for this Summer!

I am obssesed with these Ripped Jeans. They are just blessing especially in this highly humid and hot weather.

So I thought that I can help you with different ways you can wear these jeans in for various purposes, comfy and fashionable :

  1. The “Boys day out” look
  2. The Party look
  3. The Street look
  4. The Funky look
  5. The Adventurous look



When its about hanging out/ Lounging with your friends casually,
We all love to hangout in easy mood. skinny jeans are not always a good choice as far as comfort is the subject

but I am very much fond of these ripped (H&M) ones also it feels so calm with soothing colours so I put on this white t shirt (Blotch) with some black horizontal stripes on it. it can be a better option for anyone who love ripped jeans With ankle high white shoes (Koovs).

Sometimes trial gives you a perfect sense of fashion, to get anything perfectly matched with jeans I tried stripes t-shirt , and got good result. it was also liked by all. Seriously this jeans made my day, because best plans are mostly made randomly & I would have been got frustrated if I would have wore some skinny jeans.


FullSizeRender 8.jpg

Well this Picture if of our 2nd year wedding anniversary & also Pastel shades are inn, so we decided to coordinated with these pastel shades.

She wore Peach color Trousers from Code (Lifestyle) and White Shirt kind Top from Rheson whereas I clubbed My Ripped jeans (H&M) with stylish Pastel T-shirt (Adamo London) along with all time Fav white Denim Jacket & my Adidas shoes.

One more way to carry with this jeans, light peach colour with a square design on front – Its simple & Dope, white denim jacket over, and Its picture perfect I guess; Isn’t it ?

I Always try something different on this jeans and the results are here. Fashion is all about creativity. You need to be active with the latest trends . This white denim jacket just added a elegance to whole attire. If you look the picture from top to toe then there is nothing mismatched with the jeans. Denims are best to wear on ripped jeans. Only one jeans but different looks, if we talk about footwear’s then these Adidas sport shoes with black stripes are amazing. Damn pretty..!!



Shrugs are so trendy this time with men.Wearing this jeans one more time suddenly I got stuck by an idea of wearing shrug over the printed white vest to add some elegance to my outfit. I took out my grey shrug (H&M) from my wardrobe to get the street look.
i wore  it few days earlier only while going on a long drive on a sunny day. The best part is it was so easy to drive for hours with this jeans (H&M). This summer look is so pleasing and alluring to carry. Without any doubt.Printed vests (Ajile) are just stunning to give you a picture perfect look.



This Picture was taken while we were at Disney Land – Paris. OH what a day it was !!

It was clearly going to be a day with a lot of walking & Taking rides.

Roaming all around in Disneyland makes your whole day very tiring but instead of being tired you want to have fun and want not to waste time. So wear comfy clothes. on this particular day I chose to wear black sweatshirt (H&M) with a large pocket on its its front (It was cute & Practical with keeping currency and documents zipped up safe).

Weather was little cold that day, to wear suitable sweat shirt. Again i found it decent to match with my ripped jeans. its beneficial to put it on while ridding the rides in Disneyland. there is so much walking in Disneyland but don’t worry ripped jeans (H&M) are blessings. I intentionally put it for the day so that I could have more fun and get the pictures clicked.



This Selfie I took while i was heading to Rome from Austria. Man those days !! <3

Fancy and stylish look of the day, ripped jeans (H&M) can be wore in many ways, I prefer it to make it more stylish. How will you do that? No problem just look in the picture as I clubbed it with plain black tank vest (H&M).

I clubbed this jeans with contrasting colour , so I tried it with black. It looks stylish and we all know men’s don’t have that enough options as girls but if you are fashion addict then you should try some of these tricks.

Light easy and comfortable to walk anywhere even in adverse climatic conditions. The day I wore it involved a lot of walking in sunny hot day at Pisa & other places, It was obvious that there was going to a lot of sweating so thats why i chose black vest so that sweat patches are not be visible also I tied a denim shirt on the waist in case sun was too harsh. This support you well for any kind of adventure you are looking for.

Thats is all you guys! Hope you liked this blog & We wish it helps you one way or the other!



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