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There is definitely something wrong with the air of the city that even by writing about the Paris Experience We are smiling and feeling Light & Romantic.

Although you can never get enough of Paris, Ever in your life…

But if you have got 1 day and you want to take in as much as possible,
Here’s what we did:

Paris – 1 Day – 4 Must Places/Activities

  1. Disneyland Paris
  2. Eiffel Tower
  3. Feel the city vibe
  4. The Lido Show

-Good Night-



Its all about re-living your childhood
all at once within a few hours

It may sound lame going to Disney land being adults but trust me IT IS NOT.

Once you reach Disney land, you will have 2 options to choose from

1) Disneyland Park – It has rides & all the Disney loactions and Characters to meet & have fun with.

2) Walt Disney Studio Park – It has some live shows and Movie action scene setup and performances.

We chose the Disneyland Park as we wanted to meet Mickey & Genie (We know, We sound lame)

Highlights :

?Rollercoaster rides – You must go to rollercoaster ? which totally makes you feel funny in your stomach & crazy ?..   We bet you want to do it again & again

?Disney characters – Trust us ; You never too old to get excited to meet your favourite Disney character..!! was too much fun to meet Mickey Mouse, Genie , Chippendale.

?The Carnival – It starts late but we could not stay there that long 🙁




We all have seen it on internet & Books and in our mind we all have said ONE DAY am gona go there with the one I love.

WOW ! It was just a dream come true for both of us which we have seen since forever individually.UNADJUSTEDNONRAW_thumb_b9dc.jpg

After having fun at Disneyland, here we are at  The Most Beautiful EIFFEL TOWER..?
There are 3 levels to this tower building, We went up to 2nd Level. It was
High! Pretty High & Dope!

You see the whole city’s architecture at a glance.

There was a souvenir shop & Le Jules Verne, a gourmet restaurant.

Now we have to leave the Eiffel alone for few hours but we have to come back again to bid goodbye at mid night.

At 12 pm every night the Illumination at the Eiffel tower starts & it brings magic to THE CITY OF LIGHTS.

The whole tower glitters as if it is studded with giant Diamonds.

Without seeing the Illumination, Live bands on the side of the road, Couples dancing & enjoying themselves like there is no one exists but them.

Its such a liberating feeling, that you can’t even express (Please take us back there!)



From the Eiffel tower we went to the Love Bridge, Although there you don’t find locks anymore due to the government thing,UNADJUSTEDNONRAW_thumb_9ec2.jpg

but we can still feel the love & Strong Positive vibes of the lovers all over the world. Its AMAZING!

From there we walked with somehow no fear of getting lost. Somehow we were feeling very secure , Like everything is fine & world is a kind loving place (Still we kept our passport & wallets nice & tight).

On the way we found interesting signs by the road side also we stalk Kardashians so we went to the Hotel Costes just to feel like one of them (Damn they)

Then we saw The Opera House, followed by some boutiques, local accessory & Souvenirs Shops etc.. Actually we just went with the flow.




Oh its 7:00pm now, We quickly headed to hotel, Got little classed up for the most extravagant show – The Lido Show or what they call it there “LIDO DE PARIS”- It was like a Broadway show.

The entrance was so grand that we felt like we are at some prestigious Award function ; with golden lighting, large chandelier

UNADJUSTEDNONRAW_thumb_b9ea.jpgJust to point out A glass of Champagne was complimentary
Well want to see a glimpse of Lido Show – watch the title track of “Befikre” Link right here ->
Show got over around 1 am we quickly went back to The Eiffel to capture it in our eyes for 1 last time & witness the magnificent illumination as mentioned earlier.

& lets all it a night in Paris. It was not
enough & it will never be enough in Paris. We bet you want to go there time & again to inhale the Paris Vibe ! Paris We Love You. !



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