2017 was hell of a year Regarding the food sector of the city- there were so many new openings and fusion dishes that came in the view

5 Most Trendy Food this year -


Nowadays people are losing their minds on Milkshakes but we don’t blame them..these shakes are presented So pleasantly that no one can resist to have them.

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Several new restaurants with new and amazing themed interior are In the race to be number one in the city..and yes they are doing great job in maintaining high quality food, But when it comes to beverages & Milkshakes. Some of them are really serving Good, Fresh, Appetising and garnished with beautiful toppings, beverages to us.


Momos for me are more than food. They are wrapped with spicy flavours Soft and steamed with different stuffing like vegetables, paneer and non veg too. There are 3 types of momos. Steamed, fried and tandoori.
Steamed and juicy momos tossed in a fiery hot garlic sauce is an absolutely treat for those who are craving something spicy. Imagine eating a plate full of hot steaming momos is just a feel of heaven.

Fried momos deep fried , crispy and hot momos taste best with mayonnaise cheese and hot garlic chutney. They serves a perfect crunch as soon as you take a bite. Crispy and fried momos have also stuffed with cabbage and seasonal vegetables. They are both veg and non veg.

Tandoori momos are perfect treat for a desi taste buds. This fusion experiment is very famous amongst momos lovers. They have become a tasty temptation because of its rich texture and flavourful stuffing .
As soon as these little pockets of happiness landed on our plates, it quickly became the most loved street food. Momos are enthusiasticly consumed by everyone on the streets.


Wow wow waffles, waffles are ultimate meal perfect for breakfast, lunch and dinner. According to your taste , you can choose between sticky, sweet waffles covered in all your favourite toppings. There are many varieties of waffles. These are light and fluffy with a crispy exterior and they are gluten free .
They are in many flavours like sweet or savoury, cookies and cream waffles, Nutella crunch waffles and many more.


Icecream rolls nowadays has gone viral. Although these icecream rolls were available in big hotels and restaurants. Now these are made live. Icecream is made in front of you with fresh and natural ingredients. The one and the half minute process of making icecream rolls is fascinating.people are now more enthusiastic and selective when it comes to flavours and taste. They are ready to wait and the enjoy the process of making of live icecream rolls. The flavours can be now selected by one who is wanting to have icecream rolls. Everyone can now choose their favourite flavour.


This year cheese has been literally all over the place.
Cheese has now covered upto Indian foods also. Cheese is now used in many restaurants, street foods and etc. cheese maggie, cheesy dosa and cheesy vegetables as well.
Cheese Dosa – We all know that everyone is fond of love with cheese. Not only in pizzas and burger but also in dosa. Dosa is a South Indian dish made up of pulse batter with potato filling with mixed spices. Now little modification has been added to this simple and delicious dish.

Cheese Pav Bhaji – cheese Pav Baji is simple yet tasty dish, flavoured and topped with lots of cheese. Boiled potatoes are cooked in tomato puree and flavoured with good amount of cheese.. Hot Pav bhaji served with cheese topping is always a first choice to everyone’s taste buds.

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