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Austria, beautiful country with stunning architecture, Home of classical music and amazing art. It attracts visitors from all around the globe. Austria is main source of attraction for those who love art and music. Our trip to Austria was so interesting and amazing. And we were so enthusiastic to meet the country in person.



Specially if you have enough time then you must need a week to explore the best in Austria, although we didn’t get that much of time to explore but short duration was worthy.




We still love the place like that time only. So in Austria , we got an opportunity to see the art of the country. Any idea what I am talking about. It a perfect centre to introduce Art “ Swarovski ”. The crystal world. This was our first and most attractive destination. Let’s come into the world of crystal and glitter all around your body.

Swarovski,  crystal world is situated in small town Wattens in Tyrol, Austria. Swarovski made this town world famous. Swarovski is famous for its crystal amazingly beautiful jewellery, optical equipment and abrasives. It also includes crystal glass sculptures, miniatures, home decor and chandeliers.

Entrance of Swarovski was a giant head made of green hedges with huge crystal eyes which changed colours. With fountain coming out from his mouth seems to be more impressive to get into it. Entrance hall welcomes you a unique glittery world, it’s actually a whole museum. Museum comprises of chambers or you can say sections each with a different theme. As we walk in the museum there are chambers one after the other. It’s all glittery and shiny inside. It’s completely a centre of creativity, art, design, innovation and CRYSTALS.

We were so happy to see the illumination and shine of the whole museum in semidarkness. It was glittery giving us feeling of some fairy tale world. There we saw different differences sculptures made of crystals, miniatures, optical designs and many more. It was not possible to clicked each and every sculpture or miniature all in such a short period of time but still we tried our best.

So here are some main attractions of the museum-


Crystal wall –

It was huge wall, made up of crystals, inside the glass wall. They were small pieces of crystals but very shiny.

Glass floor – 

When we were walking we realise the floor was also made up of small pieces of crystal seems like walking on stars. Just imagine how it looks when you walking in crystal world with crystals and glittery all over your head and toe. It seems like a Dream. But it’s real.




Christmas tree –

moving on further we saw a Christmas tree. Again , crystals were shining like diamonds. The amount of crystals went in making of this tree was absolutely stunning and unbelievable. The design and the shape was perfect to recognise it as a Christmas tree. Seriously, artist made everything so neatly. Hats off to them.




Optical sculptures

A big hall consists of some white and some transparent  3D shape designed sculptures. In the hall you got chance to see diversity to crystals and sculptures. They were of glass, marbles, steels. Hall make you feel like some robotic Hollywood movie scene.




Centrepiece in blue hall –

As we entered the blue hall, we saw huge crowd just in the middle of hall. There was a huge hand cut largest crystal in the world, of 310,000 carats, (history written over there). It was placed exactly in the centre of the hall. Huge crystal was so alluring that you can’t walk away without watching it. We love the illumination of the place.


innsbruck 12.JPG


Horse in black stallion-

Name of the horse is Chetak, it was Maharana pratap’s horse. White horse in shiny crystals looks amazing. Hooks and legs covered with all crystals.



Diamond shape material –

Next chamber having two diamond shape material hanging on the ceiling. They were huge and black in colour making the hall more attractive. Just have a look in the picture.




Cinderella shoe –

I show you the Cinderella show straight from museum, glass Cinderella shoe stunning..!! Perfectly designed shiny shoe looks fascinating.

There was even a passage that makes you feel like you are walking into a fairy land with Diamond cloud over you !




Swarovski is much about innovation, glamour and sparkle.

On the floor there were large sized some more diamonds of different colours.

All in all we love the Swarovski, girls will specially love the place, for shopping purpose because of the jewellery, like neckpiece, earrings, bracelets, and many more items.


~ Innsbruck 



It gives me immense  pleasure to narrate my experience about this wonderful place Innsbruck. Austria trip is incomplete without visiting Innsbruck. It is the city with the view surrounding mountains. Actually it’s very pleasant to walk In the city. City offers beautiful views and became the source to attraction for Tourists. It is Also known as “Capital of alps”and the most colourful city.architecture is the heart of the city. neat and clean streets in the city make you feel like heaven. Also good to shop in small boutiques and crafts like gifts for your loved ones.crowd all around was so happy, perfect refreshing mood city.

We walked our way to the town church through a park and it was so peaceful & Calming to see people so relaxed and easy,
There were people sitting on the grass reading books .. kids playing, Few playing musical instruments, Few doing gymnastics.

It was such a visual that would make you spend your life there at Innsbruck. AMAZING!


Innsbruck is very kind city, everyone was very kind and welcoming which is hard to find in other part of the country. Streets giving us the feel of Harry Potter movie.




During our time in Innsbruck, we saw the imperial palace named as Homburg. We saw it from outside as there was kind of stage show that day so we just went there for few minutes. It was forbidden to click pictures but somehow we steal one or two. The outside palace was elegant that it made us easy to imagine about the interiors. We wish we would have got chance to visit inside palace.




Next famous centre of the city is The golden roof. It is the landmark of Innsbruck. Golden roof sits on one end of building. It was built for Maximilian to watch festivities below. whole building was covered with flowers.

Building next to golden roof was pretty amazing, it is considered to be wedding cake building because it looks like a beautiful cake. i stood in front of the cake building clicked pictures and enjoying the fresh air of the city.

If you ever plan to go on Austria trip, must visit Innsbruck. You will love the city for its natural beauty of mountains, lake and its streets.

This Blog might have low content, Its because its more of an Experience kind of place. Must visit. No matter what people tell you about it. especially Innsbruck ! <3


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