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Lets do Shanghai

Detailed guide to visit Shanghai – Everything you need – From preping your phone to going around and seeing Shanghai for what a beauty it is.

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Food Trend Forecast – 2018

What to expect from Food industry in this year 2018. Here are few predictions that we have made regarding new Food Items should we experience in this year in the Food Sector. Check it out & share which Food Item you think will turn out to be true!!

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"5 Best Milk Shakes" in Kanpur

“BEAT THE HEAT” With Fresh and Relaxing Milkshakes Nowadays people are losing their minds on Milkshakes but we don’t blame them..these shakes are presented So pleasantly that no one can resist to…

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Lets Do London! – Food

Disclaimer : We are Vegetarians ! If you love food then you know second best thing to “Eating Food” Is talking about it..!!! If you have read our London travel…

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