Chili-Chilled Summers : I am loving it (McDonalds)

Hey everyone I am super excited to share with you all that McDonald’s has launched a new range of Chili Burgers and a Spicy Orange beverage especially for their all-day summer menu!!

It’s a limited time item on the menu especially for the summer season to please your taste buds for a spicy food in this hot season.

It is a perfect blend of spices garlic and red chilli for your craving for spicy food without burning your stomach (Laughing out loud)

The new cool Tangy orange beverage with a hint of red chilli it’s totally unique And goes perfectly with the chilli burger such a made for each other Jodi I tell you !!

This new Chili bugger range has been especially introduced for north and east India taste and the menu starts from Rs.59 it’s totally worth it I recently had this and I cannot wait to have them again!!!

If you are thinking about the pandemic situation you need not to worry because McDonald’s has taken care of it at every step

there are strict safety measures being followed by McDonald’s all over the country be it thermal screening to employees wearing mask at all times so need not to punish your taste buds and dig into the chilli burger range and orange Fizz while it while it’s still on the menu hurry up!!

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