Hi Readers!! Hope you had a great start of this new year 2018 !

In 2018 seems to be the Year of Modifications of the Past.

Here are few New/Old trends for Females that we think will rule 2018, Have a look & plan your wardrobe accordingly –

1. Plastic Shine :

Glitter, Sequins & velvet is going to be under spotlight this year. For their extra appealing a flamboyant twist to the outfits that compliments more and more to all styles and material, from princess dress to disco suits. For everyone and anyone who doesn’t want to be look like others to keep their independent style unique. Sequins might be the main highlights for every stylish outfits, not only in dresses but also in footwear’s.
Plastic sounds weird when it’s about wearing. It’s fantastic to prepare ourselves to look like celebs like Kim kardashian see through plastic shoes or accessories. Fashion experts have already predicted that 2018 will be the year it soars. Whether you follow their fashion or not plastics certainly have their perks. Let’s not forget her plastic high thigh boots she wore on shiny fall dress. Well this is not enough let’s have a look on her another kinky boots when she strutted out her home wearing silver stunners. These are definitely for the win.



2. Smartly Sheer :

sheer fabrics are essentials for every girl to own it simply for the versatility and grace it gives to our wardrobes And outfits. Sheer is the best option to carry this year. It’s lightweight and sensual appeal is attractive. It’s transparent look is soft and feminine providing more elegant revealing look.

In order to get elegance in this transparent fabric one must take care of ways it should be carry. Keeping some things in mind like layering it properly, never wear sheer all over the body, select correct accessories that it should not look funny.

Daily Front Row's 3rd Annual Fashion Los Angeles Awards - After Partyjennifer-lopez-2nintchdbpict000294865280Kim-Kardashian-Sheer-Dress-Miami

3. Dark Drama :

Dark fashion this year will be rocking, and hit the ramp. Restyling the dark colours is new trends in 2018.
Making it more bold and elegant. The floral theme that was everywhere in 2017 will continue to be there in 2018 but its going to get darker & Bold.
Dark fashion including makeup will definitely hit the show. New year comes with a new set of trends. Dark red velvet, or dark sheer dress it all about revamping the wardrobes.



4. Fur and Feathers :

From previous to this year, fashion birds all have wind under their weathers. Feathers are becoming street friendly intact they look cool. Furry or feather dresses looks extra beautiful. We would totally love wearing furry clothing. And for those who still need a little time to get used to this fluffy material in their wardrobes. There are a lot of cute feather,on bags, shoes, accessories etc.


So do you agree with our speculations. Tell us in the comment section bellow.

Posting fashion forecast for men shortly stay tuned. Till then Good Bye & Be Fad. ❤

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