Hi Readers!! Hope you had a great start of this new year 2018

Here are some Fashion Forecast for men according to our analysis :

  • Go Big & Go Easy

    “It’s time for skinnies to fully disappear from wardrobes,” says Millie Rich
    “Track pants will become an essential,” says Brinksman.

    loose clothes now look smarter and more modern than the tighter ones. Designers love to utilise this trick again and again to create a stunning effect. Loose clothing these days are in demands. When we talk about loose fashion. None other than Kanye west can be the best to follow his fashion sense. Although getting anything near to his wardrobe is next to impossible. He likes to experiment making his style both perfect and adaptable to any situation. His loose or baggage clothing is inspiration for everyone.
    He is also been influencing the street style in fashion.


  • Metallic experiments

    From draped style to metallic kurtas, discover here for 2018 fashion to wear on different occasions. These kurtas are going to be super trendy this season in colour like silver, brass, copper, pale gold. Metallic fashion cover up not only the clothing section but it also being a new fashion source to footwear’s. Silver was huge on clothing and accessories, so it is no surprising that this year people will fall for silver shoes also. And we all know that no outfit is complete without slipping your feet into something that is cool and fashionable. When metallic is in the race of being stylish, footwear will definitely play major role making the the outfits more appealing.



  • Solid Colour

    you can never go wrong with white and this season white is again going to rock your look. Springs and summers are the best to go up high with white. Ranging from top to bottom white rules your outfit. When the temp will rise upto extreme, No one willing up to go in dark Colours, and in that case white will be the king



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