Being pregnant is the most beautiful phase of life to every women. It comes
Up with excitements and nervousness as well. Pregnancy brings the facts of getting worry about the body and to style your body perfectly, because obviously you don’t want to look bigger when you are pregnant. So bearing the bump in 21st century signifies so much more than just pride in pregnancy. There are countless ways to keep in touch with your inner fashionista during your pregnancy term. Here are some inspirational looks on how you can balance the two perfectly and flaunt your baby bump as well.

1.Skinny high waist pencil skirt –

The high waisted skinny skirts look gorgeous on all body types. But when it comes to pregnancy, it’s a perfect for accentuating and complementing the baby bump. I personally loved it so much because of its high comfort zone. I wore it with my white turtle neck top tucking inside it and it really works giving a gorgeous look to my baby bump.

This military coloured pencil skirt is amazing and stylish to flaunt the pregnancy term. You should incorporate this trend into your pregnancy wardrobe. It’s quiet easy and stretchable to be carry for long period of time without any problem to your belly. Skinny skirts always looks classy.

2. Ankle length loose tunic –

Loose ankle length is again a new version to your pregnancy fashion. This dark military colour tunic is made of hosiery. It’s plain and yet so beautiful. It’s has something different which gives me a perfect night out look. Falling shoulders and little frill in the bottom is amazing. So these days these loose tunics are so much trendy in pregnancy. It’s a new and stylish way to flaunt your belly.


3. Sequence dress –

This is one of my favourite from my pregnancy wardrobe. It’s so damn beautiful. Colour is so soothing and perfect for day party. I really loved its v neck design. The most important thing I really like about this sequence dress is that it’s beautifully flaunting my baby bump and rocks my pregnancy look in baby shower. It’s quite comfortable and easy to stretch walk and enjoy the party.


4.Black maxi dress with jacket –

This black maxi dress is plain but elegant. Fabric is quite easy and soft to wear it in even these hot sunny days. To flaunt this little more I carry the emerald green jacket on it. And believe it really add glamorous pinch to my style. I considered it as a perfect styling way to flaunt your pregnancy bump without any hesitation of looking ugly or fatty with this body shape. It’s not only help you out to being stylish but also makes you confident in aspect to look smart and fashionable.

5. Flair suit –

Flair suit is the best to carry during pregnancy. It’s very comfortable and beautiful to flaunt the pregnancy look. I wore this on casual family dinner. It’s flair gives you so much ease to sit or to walk around. As we all know wearing tight fittings clothes in pregnancy are little uneasy especially when you are on the high time of pregnancy. Other than normal suits, this one is the moe preferred one. So if you are looking for something loose and yet beautiful then must go for these Flairy full length suits. Mine one is also having the waist coat, suit can be wear in two ways with or without waistcoat no matter it will still look stunning in both patterns. Colour is so soothing and eyecatchy , I love to wear it in summers.

So girls now don’t worry about the maternity period and fashion during this time. Even in pregnancy you can make your look better than normal days. Hope this blog helps and inspire you to look perfect even in any body shape while being pregnant.


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