Adding Green space in the House is the Latest and Most Amazing Trend in the history and the same has been further pushed in this Covid Times.

Planting Plants in house is one thing and making sure they are good and heathy and will stay for longest time is another. To ensure the same, You need to procure plants from a good shop also you must spray good quality pest control and other meds time to time to sustain the beauty that they are.

In Kanpur We have tried a couple of shops to buy plants and med sprays, Now without confusing you with a lot of vendors,

Here are 1 vendor of each – Plant Vendor & Pesticide Vendor.

Jai bajrang Nursery

  • Its near Gurudev Palace, Right Next to Lucky Restaurant.

There are many nurseries on the same belt but the nursery we are referring to is the one with Bajrang Temple (Thats why the name)

Its Run by 3 Brothers, All plants are of high quality so survival rate is almost 100%

They have every type of plant – Indoor, Outdoor, Vegetables, Fruits, Succulents Plants and Trees.

They have amazing and polite staff which guides brilliantly as per your requirements.

You can find direction to the nursery by tapping on location of the post on the right ->

Right next to Jai bajrang Nursery is this cute little cafe, So any time of the day is not bad as you have place for refreshments right next to it.

Kanpur Beej Bhandar

One Stop Destination for all plant Care items

They keep Seeds, Pesticides, Compost, Fertilisers, Watering cans, Water spray cans, Plant supports and pots.
Along with keeping these items they also are very good with suggesting pesticide and all if you maintaining your garden by yourself.
You can also ask them for Gardner reference if you need (We have got one from their suggestion and he is doing good so far)

You can find direction to the nursery by tapping on location of the post on the right ->

Hope it helped!! – The WE Goals

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