! Get Layered This Winter Season !
Here we share 3 Best ways to Get Perfect Winter Look, 
Check it out guys !


There is never a better time to upgrade your style than with the start of a New Season.
As we are heading towards winter, now is the time to think about what new pieces you want to add to your wardrobe.

Let’s consider these trends that have been blowing on runway to get some inspiration in order how to revamp your style.

1. Vintage Modern –

This bold check shirt defines a confident personality. Mens’s fashion has always been a topic to discuss about. Bold checks shirts are trendy all the time.
I have clubbed it with a Long Trench Coat from Blackberry’s & it is one of the most enduring items in Men’s Fashion. The lightweight nature of this coat makes it perfect while layering your clothing.

Most trench coats have a cotton mix fabric which keeps it breathable and fashionable. This black trench coat is one of my favourite from my winter wardrobe collection. Layering trench coat with bold black and white check shirt make my look a perfect one. The benefit of having a trench coat is that it can be carried other than winters because of its cotton mix fabric. So whenever you feel to change your look in summer you can carry it.


Shirt                 : Westside Stores
Jeans                : H&M
Trench Coat   : Blackberrys
Boots                : Koovs.com


Classic - Mod Denim Jackets-

Already men have limited options to showcase there Style & Fashion sense so A classic piece of Denim Jacket is must especially in this    winter season.
We have created two looks with different Colour Denim Jackets check  them bellow -

2. Badass Blue Denim (OOTD) –

For this look I clubbed a Over size Levi’s  Denim jacket with a Camo Colour Dual T-shirt from Nuon (Westside)
You can pick any denim jacket but a size bigger the usual More importantly denim should be rough & Rugged. further I added a blue jeans. Blue denim over dark tee in military colour makes your denim look a perfect one.
Again no matter it’s your choice of wearing footwear’s with denim. As you can see in picture I wore black boots to make it look little badass.


T-shirt    : Nuon (Westside)
Jeans       : H&M
Jacket      : Levi’s 
Boots       : Koovs.com

3. Urbane White Denim (OOTN) –

I love the colour White so this look is one of my all time favourite
I paired white Ruff Denim jacket that I got from Koovs.com with white Round Neck Quarter Sleeve Sweat Shirt from H&M Its stylish, easy & not too warm as I don’t feel that cold. You can pair it with your choice of tee but white looks best.
Denim jacket with ripped jeans is just a best to pair with. You can wear any white sneakers but here I preferred silver shoes making it a perfect OOTN also it looks unique in its own way.



Sweatshirt  :H&M
Jeans             : H&M
Jacket           : Koovs.com
Shoes            : Koovs.com
Bag                : Pull&Bear

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