It feels like yesterday while i was constantly asking the lady at the reception outside the Operation Theatre – ” Please pooch kar bataiye ki operation start ho gaya hai ya nahi” and she kept casually telling me – ” Jaise hi start karege , andar se information aayegi” and all of sudden i heard Baby’s Cry and i got restless and raised my voice a bit and asked again ” 1 baar pooch to lijiye andar ” and extactly the a nurse came out of OT and told me ” Sab theek se hai Maa bhi aur baccha bhi, Badhai ho” and i trembled a little and couldnot say a word & my eyes were wide open thats all.

I didn’t even had energy to ask if Jyotsana is Ok or even if its a girl or a boy. It just steped back and half stood against the wall. It was too much information to process for me.

During that time my dad was in Indonesia for business which infact i was supposed to attend but i decided not to go for so my dad went to fill in for me
So it was me and my Maa at hospital and 2 close relatives

I shouted ‘Maa jaldi aao” and she came. She asked Is it a Boy or a Girl and i told her i couldnt ask. Just then Nurse Brought you to show us your glimps and said – “ladka hua hai” I went into tears and i wanted to cry so loud. I hugged my Maa and we both cried happy tears. You were so tiny and vurnarable, I still couldnt properly speak and was shaking a little inside and my Maa promtly asked “Jyotsana kaha hai, Kaisi hai” & Nurse told “Haan sab sahi hai chinta mat kariye” We just saw you for a few seconds before they took you inside for routine checkups.

And thats “How I Met our Aveer”

There are many stories from Mother’s Prospective but not many from Fathers’
Hoping my Story with be relatable to all the Fathers and I think it would be satisfying to read this.

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