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Here we are again to share our experiences about our Italy trip. We visited :

Pisa – leaning tower of Pisa
Rome – Trevi fountain
Old city of Rome


A day trip to Pisa

Pisa is a city in Italy, which is best known for The Leaning Tower, people come here with their mindset That leaning tower is the only thing to see in the city. But actually city has beautiful architectural and artistic marvels. The best way to visit Pisa is walking around the streets , as the city centre is small and enjoy the site and atmosphere.the main attractions of the city is the squares of miracles and they are also known as field of miracles because there are four buildings in one field

  • Leaning Tower
  • Pisa Cathedral
  • Pisa Baptistery
Leaning tower of Pisa -


The leaning tower has made Pisa famous all over the world. The tower is little leaned hence named leaning tower. It is also refer as the bell tower. We visited the leaning tower. Once you reached the place it’s take few minutes to take some goofy pictures. You can also climb the tower although we didn’t climbed due to lack of time. There Are 300 steps to the top of the tower. Children under 8 are not allowed to climb it.the feeling to see the real leaning tower was awesome.we spend some time their and clicked pictures from different angles.

Pisa cathedral-


It’s a Roman Catholic cathedral. It is notable Romanesque was amazing experience to be at such place with beautiful architecture. Pisa may be crowded with the tourists but while walking through this cemetery you will be quiet taking in the beauty of architecture.

Pisa baptistery -


Next was Pisa baptistry. Guide told us Thai it is devoted to St.john the baptist, stands in the front of the cathedral.building is in octagonal shape, built in a romanic style.the baptistery is the most international medieval buildings in Pisa. The structure is symbolic, it presents a conical vault covering only the inner circle of the pillars.the top of building is closed. It is the largest baptistery in Italy.the vault is covered with red tiles. We loved the the city it has peaceful atmosphere.

Rome -


The capital of Italy

Whenever we talk or think about Rome first thing came into our minds is Colosseum. As it said that Rome was built In a day. Rome is one of the most iconic and travelled cities in Italy with a long history. Rome is a big city with a large transportation and friendly locals. Possibly more than anywhere else in the world Rome is a mix of old and new like it’s a city with flaunts ancient history which continues to evolve.
According to legend Rome was found by twins Romulus and Remus in 753 BC.
Rome has spectacular museums, churches, squares, fountains. Everywhere you go you will see something amazing like we experienced.
Rome is a large city with planets of things to do.luckily main sites are fairly close to each other so you can see a lot in small amount of time.its a living, crowds and noisy city. It’s a beautiful narrow side streets ancient places are romantic and magical.
Things to do in Rome are-

Trevi Fountain :


We started the tour from world famous fountain “ Trevi fountain” it’s a saying that if you make a wish and toss a coin over a left shoulder into the fountain, you are sure to return to Rome. We also tried the coin thing and make a wish.we stayed there for sometime to get pictures and make that moment a memorable one. Although fountain was so crowded that we hardly got the space to click pictures. people were so happy and excited to do the coin thing.

The hippodrome-

the roman forum and circus Maximus is an ancient roman chariot racing stadium , which was reconstructed by Hollywood for “ben- hur”. It was the first and the last stadium in ancient Rome and its later empire.


Roman colosseum -


I have always seen the picture of colosseum in Shakespeare’s drama of Julius Caesar but to see it in person fills me with enthusiasm. roman colosseum is world famous.this is the largest amphitheatre with a Capacity of 80,000.variety of sport events held in it, including gladiators games where they fought one another and crowd roared. It was same as I saw in pictures. We spend some quality time there. It was quiet amazing and different experience at a place which is historic and romantic as well.

Triumphal arch of Constantine -


Next was the triumphal arch of Constantine, one of the most important commemorative monuments of antiquity. in its simplest form triumphal arch is consists of two piers which re connected by an arch. although we do not know much about it but guide available there tell you about the history of the monument.

Piazza Venezia –

Anyone visiting Rome sooner or later end up at this famous spot, like us. its a centre or Venice square in Rome located whee four major roads meet. through these four roads piazza Venezia is known for its chaotic traffic. so here how we end up in Rome.


Rome is all about the Monuments, Architecture, churches, Fountains and roman culture. we totally loved the city and its architecture. Trevi fountain, happy crowd, kind people, colosseum its history.

Rome is must visit not just once in a lifetime , Its a more like an experience than just a city.

Espacially where literature comes to life – Julius Caesar – We witnessed many spots especially the spot where he was stabbed !! It felt hard to believe that its not a fiction but a reality

Few Pictures from Italy :


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