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Disclaimer : We are Vegetarians !

If you love food then you know second best thing to “Eating Food” Is talking about it..!!!

If you have read our London travel Blog, If not then here is the link -> Lets do london! – Travel.

You will know that we only had 1 day to be in London.

During all our travels our main goal related to food is to try Street Food & Snacks because thats what you can’t have at any Restraunt in your home town serving that cuisine.

All there tings that we want to cover in this London Food Blog are :

  1. English Breakfast (Place severed Indian Breakfast too)
  2. Assorted Chocolate Strawberries
  3. Cream & Strawberry Waffle
  4. Veg. Burger 
  5. Fried Dumplings
  6. Samosas

Thats pretty much it ! 



Of course a day starts with the Breakfast !

At out Hotel – Holiday Inn, Slough – We had our breakfast.

We had Scrambled Eggs, Grilled tomatoes, Baked beans, Toast with butter, Tea/coffee.

Scrambled eggs were so smooth and fresh along with freshly grilled tomatoes, We also had baked beans for the first time… they were like sweetened kidney beans .. simple and nice.




While roaming around in the Oxford Street we randomly entered into some multi-storied branded store building & we had the chance to eat some Chocolate coated Strawberries,

It may sound like no big deal but the strawberries were soooo juicy and the chocolate were so smooth that we couldn’t resist finishing them instantly

Probably it was 6 Strawberries for 10 pounds. But it was WORTH IT !

Link :


IMG_1648 2.jpg

Colourful..!! Delightful..!! Scrumptious and delicious..!!!

Walking around the Oxford street of London makes you hungry especially when you smell freshly baked waffles ..!!!

The smell that tantalisizes our nostrils and the flavours that explode ? on the taste buds are enough to make u fall in love with the thing you looking in the picture..!!

Yayyyy.!!! We are talking about WAFFLES..!!

These are made of stiff batter which includes flour, butter, brown sugar, Milk & eggs.. sweet and soft waffles are just HEAVEN!!

If you are a sweet tooth then waffles are perfect for your craving..

Sweet, soft and little crispy waffles…with fresh and delightful topping of cream & chopped strawberries with hot melting chochlateeee…..yummmmm, just yummmm…!!!!

Strawberries toppings are not just for the flavours however these also playing important role in Maintaining the beauty of these creamy, chocolaty waffles…we just loved the perfect combination of chocolate strawberry and cream on very perfect sweet and crispy waffle…

If you ever go London please do not forget to eat this perfect combination…we loved it and you will also love it for sure…!!!!

Link :



It’s 10:00pm and being on foreign land we were searching for some good restaurant – Preferably vegetarian to Eat something dinner..

finally we found our food destination..A restaurant named MILDREDS..location was so perfect, filled with young energy.

We were on the waiting list for about an hour so if you wish to visit that place make sure you put your name on the list in advance.

We must mention the young lady at the reception was so kind, Generous & Cheerful that the wait did not feel like a burden.

Apparently our phones were getting drained off the battery & we were not carrying the charger so she told us – No Problem sir. Don’t worry I will put it on charge with my charger, Please rest assured !

It made us feel so welcomed & warm.

Soft music, cold air and obviously Different flavours of various food items tantalising us and Attracting us towards the food..???



Wohoooo..!! We are at the table ordered Veg Burger ? we took first bite..our heart said – Oh Yeah! haha… It was that good !

Properly Baked bun with Tikki made up of grams maybe with green fresh spinach, onion, Tomatoes & some white creamy filling



Next we desired to try fried Veg Dumplings..

It’s a savoury dish made up of different shapes.,it could be fried, boiled or steamed with Vegetable stuffing along with Soya dip..

They served it very Beautifully, Six pieces arranged perfectly on a white platter plate.




They are different than the once we eat in india.

Apparently they were more like puff/patty than samosa to be specific sprinkled with sesame seeds

served with Red colour chutney made up of Tamarind Jagri and the other Spicy chutney was made up of Mint, Coriander, Green chillies and Garlic..ohfo….Scrumptiously delightful dish !!!!

Guys London is not only for its famous Landmarks like BEN TOWER OR LOMDON EYE..but city

Also serving u better in terms of shopping, fooding and etc..

People of London are so humble and kind to their guests it’s quite an amazing feeling To feel like our own country in foreign land.

Shopkeepers,Restaurant Staff, Localities were so polite and helpful.

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So hurry up..!! And plan a trip for London but not less then for a week unlike us..



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