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Come & fall in love instantly!

It’s Royal.!!its FRESH..!!! its Youthful..!!! How can you not fall in love with London..!

You will love the overwhelming, fresh & delightful atmosphere of the city..

There’s is no doubt that London is a city for lovers..and you can never be done with London in a day or two …

But we only got one day to enjoy LONDON… But we created so many memories to talk about…

Here s glance on our 24 hours London trip..

~ City Tour:

            London Bridge

            Ben Tower

            London’s Eye

            Buckingham palace

~ Madam Tussaud wax museum

~ Oxford Street

Let’s dig into details..

> Day started with Breakfast at Hotel Holiday inn, Slough

Scrambled Eggs, Grilled tomatoes, Baked beans, Toast with butter, Tea/coffee.


[Find out what and where to eat in London here]

Then we headed to our 1st location – the whole route to the 1st stop was “WOW” the Building, Houses – It totally felt like we were in Harry Potter Movie.




It’s an ultimate dream of every Indian to see that bridge and feel the air. If you are an indian you will feel like Shah Rukh Khan automatically.

This blog is bringing back all the memories at once of our first Travel Destination abroad as a couple.

we will never forget the first time we saw tower bridge.. our eyes were glittering with excitement ..!!?


We had always seen this famous landmark either in the movies or in the magazines but this time

We saw bridge in person & there it was “The Tower Bridge” standing on the River Thames.

The whole scenario was so fascinating that we couldn’t hide our excitement for that place.

As you can clearly see in the picture the pathway connecting two towers.Also the aura around the bridge is so romantic to create a romantic memory with their loved ones.

No doubt you will definitely love the place for its fresh and delightful atmosphere like some love birds standing near the river and holding hand in hand, looking towards the Bridge.

You can also plan a picnic beside the bridge on the banks of Thames before taking the tour of the tower bridge and walking on the pathways connecting the towers.

Although we didn’t get enough time to do the same but we must suggest you to make such a plan. Damn ! Take us back there!!


This is interesting to let u know guys that tower has now lifts to the top of the tower instead of Just stairs solving the age issue for old people to reach higher upto the tower and additionally there are glass floors to the West walkways but don’t worry guide told us that there are still regular

Floors on each side of the glass so that if you don’t want to walk across the glass, you don’t have to?

So guys this is the must visit place for some romantic memories with your loved ones & LIVING ONE OF THE ULTIMATE BOLLYWOOD DREAM.



While we were in bus, heading towards our next stop was “BEN TOWER”..!!

Woohooo..!! is the most iconic image of London..huge clock at the top of Houses of Parliament.

It is actually the name of giant bell ? inside the clock.. We also call it Big Ben when we refer to the whole tower and clock as a whole.

We stayed at this place just for 15-20 minutes so we didn’t get much time to capture the place..because there was still lot to cover up in London due to lack of time..!!!



London’s eye is one of the main tourist Attractions.

It is Giant wheel located on the south bank river of Thames. It was our new experience to get into the huge capsule and enjoy

The view from the top of London eye was magnificent.

Now we were into capsule for half an hour because it takes half an hour to complete one revolution for wheel.!!?

On being top of the wheel we clicked few pictures as it was amazing view but the view that our eyes have seen can never be justified with picture.

Some of the buildings were easily seen like Ben tower bridge from the you can Easily have an eye on whole of the city at one glance.. thats why it’s named LONDON’S EYE.

Before you get into the Capsule of London’s Eye there is a 4D show Complimantory that you can see while waiting for your turn… also there is a Green Screen picture spot too which they edit as if you are on the top of London’s Eye & you can give crazy poses for the same. It was INSANE !!



After viewing London from the top.. Lets come to the ground .. Haha..

Now we were at Most famous, Beautiful, Royal & Most Expensive Property (If ever put on market) known as Queen’s Palace.

Who has not dreamt of seeing the BUCKINGHAM PALACE as a kid & those guards with funny black wig type hats … it was like dream comes true for both of us

Although the time we visited Queen was not in London as per our guide.. they can tell by the flag thats on the palace.

If you are lucky & on time then you can see the Royal Guard Changing Ceremony,
Its the amazing part of the palace tour..!!.???

Well dressed, well disciplined parade and guards defining the Royalty & The Tradition of the place..!!!

IMG_1353 (1).jpg

It suddenly started raining ☔ when we were at palace..

Now palace seems to be more beautiful with its beautiful garden Making you feel so refreshing..!!!

Fun Fact :  Every sense or boundary that has golden touch on the top is a part of royal property.. The generous queen has opened a lot of her Royal Gardens to the public and they have boundaries with golden touch on it.



What to say about this Fantastic & Magnificent Place of Art … WOW! JUST WOW!

The crowd, the long queue, and craziness of people for the museum was automatically adding up to our excitement.

Happiness on crowds face revealing the secret behind beauty of Madame Tussaud’s Work ..we were still thinking what’s inside it as it was our 1st ever Wax Museum Tour Ever !

After a long queue struggle it was our turn to step into the museum.. we walk in section by section..

Wait..there is lot to know about it… Its the first ever Madam Tussauds ever !
first we were having glance on Hollywood & Bollywood famous celebrities made up of wax..but not less then real..

Amitabh bachaan, Shahrukh khan, Aishwarya rai, Katrina Kaif and many more from Bollywood.

Ema Watson, Robert Pattinson, Hugh Jackman etc…

The Museum is divided into various sections as per different fields like Movies – Sports – Politics – Fashion world etc…

But but….when you are with your Husband in Madame Tussaud and suddenly he sees the girl of his dreams.. and you also know it’s only wax statue..still he leaves you just to be next to her !
“DREAM GIRL”..!! Sounds crazy right! ?. what could have I done… She is one of the KARDASHIAN SISTERS..

“KIM KARDASHIAN”..yesss..!!!?? best part of Madame Tussaud (According to him for sure).


How could have he not taken pictures with her.. By the way there was Kendal Jenner too in the fashion section just sitting there waiting for me to pose with her .. Haha..

Now it was our proud moment to see wax of one of the most powerful LEADER of our Country & World..
MR. NARENDRA MODI.. simply standing to greet anyone with NAMASTE ??..

you can have a look on the picture.. it was so moving to see him in the foreign land.


Moving onto the next there were Music, Culture, world leaders, Star Wars, Angry birds, Super Models, Bollywood, spirit of London Ride etc…


Whether its about shopping or mouth watering Snacks/food there is no better place than Oxford Street in the world as per us & the feedback we got from others

One can never get bored passing roaming around at Oxford Street.

All big fashion brand stores & people so nice n Polite.. its a wonderful feeling be just be there..

As the sun goes down n Stars come up … the street turns into carnival & more beautiful than ever with all the lights, Crowd & Music.

There were live bands on roadside of it,.There you can feel the happiness & freshness in the air itself.

Fashion brands shops, cosmetics brands shops are the main centre of attractions for shopping especially for youth. Well organised stalls around the corner, souvenir shops on the sides of the road and well mannered staff of the shops attracts you more easily for shopping.

Also We saw Double rainbow for the 1st time ever .. Check it out !


Fun fact :  If you see flowers outside the Restra kind setup , ITS DEFINITELY A BAR and every 2 steps you will find a bar in London.

IMG_1321 2.jpg



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