It's not easy being in China unless you know Chinese, People in China be it young or Old ; No one No one at all understands any language other than Chinese.
All the signboards and everything is purely in Chinese, you will see no trace of english anywhere except the metro stations , There you will find name of places written in both - Chinese and English thus There is a strong need to prep before you actually go...

Start with Preparing your phone for Shanghai :

Before you head to Shanghai, You must have following apps on your phone, Also don’t forget to login to these apps while you are still in India to be on safer side

1) WE Chat
2) Turbo VPN App
3) Metro App
4) DiDi App
5) Offline Translator

In China many apps do not work/connect easily, e.g. Whatsapp, Instagram, Google maps, etc. 
Also if you take international plans with Indian Service providers especially Airtel; There are high chances that the Data (Internet) will not work too.

Without Internet its difficult (Not impossible) to be in China so you need to be prepared, You need to have access to everything that works offline.

In china almost no body from children to adults understands English at all, Not even a single word, Not even if you try to explain through hand gestures.

So best ting to do is to have an offline English to Chinese translator and Metro App

Prep yourself for Shanghai : 

We went to Shanghai in month of April and it was freezing cold maximum days so be all fancy but carry a few over coats along with yourself


Am saying over coats because that’s what almost overdone wears in shanghai, they all wear trench coats always to be safe.

Carry a Pollution mask to cover your nose, Weather is cold and people smoke a ton so there it is ; Need of a mask also there you might sense foul smell around I doubted Pork for it. 

Going Around in Shanghai :

Its best to go around places in a Metro because :

1. Its Fast
2. Its Cheap
3. Great Connectivity
4. Metro App & Stations have name of places written both in Chinese & English (Woop)

If you don’t have internet connectivity its only way to go around places as yo don’t have to explain to anyone where you want to go coz believe me even if you did they won’t understand where you want to go unless you show them text or speak in Chinese.

You may buy metro cards for number of days you are planning to stay in Shanghai, They have it for 1 Day, 3 Days which goes up to for a month maybe.

These are fix value unlimited Entry exit cards e.g. for 18 Yuan you get 24 Hour access to metro you can go anywhere N number of times ( Validity of 1 day card is for 24 Hours from the time you first punch in the card and not 12 am to 12 am)

Other options are –
Taxi (Min. Tariff is 12-16 Yuan) You need to have address written in Chinese to show to the driver, 

Bus ( only if you know route else you need to check list at bus stop which is fully in Chinese)

Places to visit in Shanghai :

If we can overcome the language barrier aside; Trip to Shanghai is be best one so far, I don’t believe myself saying it but this is a must visit city of all places i have been to so far.

~ The Bund - For the most magnificent view of skyline
~ YU Garden - It has nice shopping as well as food (If you eat non-veg & Pork)
~ Oriental Pearl TV Tower - ( Its the iconic tower seen from The Bund - You can go to the Top to check the whole city)
~ Science Museum Metro Station - Its a place to go for cheap shopping (Fake Stuff)

~ Jade Buddha Temple
~ Zhujiajiao ( Its a small water town like venice, Its a MUST go place)
~ DisneyLand


Places to find Veg. Indian Food :

We tried these 2 places :
1) Bollywood Indian Restaurant (Its nearer to Pudong Airport area)
2) Masala Art (Its near to Nanjing Road West Metro)

Food is better at Bollywood Indian Restaurant


We defiantly missed a lot of places that would have been worth being at so plan your days nicely do a lot of research before your plan your days in Shanghai.

We bet Shanghai would be one of the BEST places you will ever been to.

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