We are glad to share some memories of our little bundle of joy, Aveer.
Now he is 6 months old. From pregnancy till date every moment with him has been very special From seeing him smile to laughing loudly, rolling to sitting each and every moment has been so special.


Its hard to believe that he is 6 months old so quick, we wanted to treasure each and every moment as a good memories with him so we celebrated his half birthday, It was a very sudden plan to have a small party with Family and few close friends.

Since it was a tuesday thus we had even less time to prepare so we went with little DIY decor – we did this little diy decor at home with white and blue paper. We made tussles and stick some blue Polkas on the main wall  to give it a blueish aura.


We also hung all the Poloroids of each month to mark his growth with small wooden clips and string , The decor turned out very beautiful. Since everything was planned last minute thus we planned cake very last minute but a Huge Thank you to Cherie sweet somethings for over-doing our expectations with cake.

It was the most and most beautiful cake we have ever seen !!! so nicly detailed and so delicious. It wouldnt be much to call her a Only Cake Designer of Kanpur !!!
It was best decision we ever made to get the cake from Cherie sweet something’s.

From Fun Monekys and their blush cheeks to Cute tiny bananas on the cake everything was so so so fine!!
We asked her to make monkey theme cake because we call Aveer – Monkey with love.


And cake was very delicious. White chocolate and Strawberries inside filling covered with white cream with those tiny banana’s especially that peeled off one, 3 little monkeys. Every single detailing of cake was describing the work of the cake designer. She did a great job & was appriciated by each of our guest.

Snacks in the party were all homemade , We didnt click pics though of food

So the party ended with cake cutting ceremony followed by tasty dinner. Aveer was so excited to see the balloons all around him. He was clapping with happiness and little confused what to do with so many balloons. This was very special day for both of us. As he got so many blessings from elders, friends, and followers of @thewegoals.

We are really thankful to all those who shower their blessings and love to my little Aveer.
Hope you all will always show love ..!!!

Happy Kid



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