We as parents are very cautious for anything and everything that comes in contact with our kids but we somehow ignore the primary things that’s in contact with them 24/7 – The Clothing.

Recently we came to know about this brand called : The Berry Tree which produces 100% Organic cotton clothes for kids.


We order 2 dresses for him. One this super fresh orange T-Shirt that screams Summer!! It’s very light and bright and not to forget, very soft.


The other one is this night suit set. We love the print on this one and again it’s a soft airy cotton fabric. Aveer was super excited to see moon and star on it.

We are very happy with our purchase as the clothes are made with 100% Organic Cotton so they are naturally anti bacterial, eco-friendly and also stay cooler than any other fabric. What can be better than this for your kid !

Check out BerryTree Collection for your kids as well !!

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