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Best Ways to Rock Kurta This Festive Season – Fashion (Men)

Mens kurtas have been a soul to Indian tradition. Earlier kurtas were only in the categories of ethnic wear or traditional purpose. But eventually there has been a great revolution in the fashion carried forward by men, because it always been a matter of issue that Womens have more clothing varieties than men. kurtas these days are easy to carry only if you have good fashion sense. 

Festive season brings lot of excitement of waring somethingng different  on the particular day, which men can flaunt without much of worries Indian festivals. Brings joy and prosperity for the families. This festive season we are introducing you some of the elegant ways to carry kurtas. 

Plain kurtas :

1. White Linen kurta

White always looks soothing and calm in any form of clothing. Especially when its about kurta in festival feels amazing. White linen kurta with whit chudidaar is a perfect attire with beard on face. Getting the right haircut and perfectly trimmed beard can give eccentric that you wanted to sport on that particular festival. The material used is long lasting and you will be adorned with endless complaints.

Nagre look cool with kurtas always.
Kurta Price : Rs.1200

Fabric : linen     

Brand : Linen Club.

2. Green Linen kurta 


Dark and bright colours defines perfectly any look. Here I am wearing dark and beautiful green colour linen kurta which looks amazing. Not to worry about the colour as it can be wear during day and night. Green kurta with simple white churidar pyjama simple Yet elegant. The whole outlook is perfect for a men to carry on any traditional occasion. 

Black leather sandals with the above attire is easy a match.
Kurta Price : Rs. 1500

Fabric : Linen 

Brand  : Linen Club

3. Grey cotton kurta 


The climatic conditions in india seem to have containued something goodthe weavers.not only for Somen but equally import cant to men fro men to get this best look On the festive day. Its October, Diwali is near but still there is nothing like winters in this very  Beginning of winters. Noons are hot as summers and nights are not enough cool to get th Winter feel.

Wearing this cotton kurta may be the choice for those who sweats a lot. This is Pure cotton, unique. Colour with its own way. Also pyjamas is common. Actually the reason I White Chudidaar got perfectly matched with any colour kurta. Its appropriate to make whole


Moccasins - Black velvet moccasins are best suitable with grey kurtaThese are so comfortable and classy. Fringes on the middle of them looks beautiful.
Price : Rs. 799

Fabric : cotton 

Brand : pantaloons [Indus route].

Two Ways to make Kurtas look more Urban & Cool! 

Let’s call these COORTA (COOL + KURTA) 

Basically its just a trial to modify kurtas into “COORTAS”. These coortas are simple and  Stylish. Being bored with same pattern of kurta pyjamas makes me stuck with this idea of giving them new trial for some unique look.

 Lets have a look on them one by one –


SOUNDS WEIRD… but actually outcome is really Dope.

Denim have always been a first choice to everyone. But with Indian attire, its a mix and match of western and Indian outfits . Short denim on kurta makes it cool. Its eye catchy. But mainly its all about sense of colour combination and the way you carry those outfits. Perfectly trimmed beard and a nice haircut add elegancy to the whole look. Just see the picture you may find an attractiveness which is completely justified this weird combination. Try these once, you will love this weird yet stylo combination.

Denim jacket : Levis


This little different and unique combination of grey and white is appropriate to suit anyone. Its is. meant for all the men who are willing to try out something different this time. When plain gets boring you can always experiments with different designs and ways. There are several ways you. An spruce up the kurtas. Koti is the most famous ones. Here we came up with the ideas of jacket on kurtas to make them cool hence named “COORTAS’.

Denim jacket : Adamo

Hope this Blog Inspires your Look this Diwali & Many more to come
**Wish you a very Happy Diwali**

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