It’s amazing to see how much something as small as hair can impact your attitude, why are we so connected to something that grows as quickly as we cut it. Here I Am talking about hair, how badly you want lengthy hair. So since forever I have been stuck to one thing that I will never cut down my hair upto too short like shoulder or above that. I loved my hair like every girl does. Long hair are keys to set upto anyoutfit on any occasion, you don’t have to think twice bearing them, just open the braid and it’s done.

I have been always so obsessed with my hair, I did everything I can to make them long and healthy, after so many chemical uses on my hair like colouring, highlighting, rebounding I always keep one thing in mind that’s the length of hair. It should be upto waist. Whenever I went to salon I clearly instruct my hairdresser just to trim them half or one inch.
I have also tried so many remedies to keep my hair strong enough.
Oiling a night before wash, then applying a mixture of curd, blended oninon, honey, aloevera, lemon for min half an hour, then rinse them thoroughly with shampoo. This remedy really helped me out maintains the quality after chemical treatments. Onions are really good for hairfall, it’s like magic to all who are suffering from hairfall. I must recommend you all to use it once and you are going to love the result like I did. So in this manner I maintained my hair.

I couldn’t have ever imagine this short hair . From waist to shoulder length. It was only in my dreams that would never be true. But the day had come when I finally decided to change my look, want to be experimental this time. And you won’t believe I was happy till I sat down on the seat, as soon as the stylist cut my hair I really got pissed off, thinking I shouldn’t have come here. I just sat silently for the whole cut without speaking a single word. Even I got angry on my husband, because it really hurts when u saw your long hair falling down on the floor and you just can’t do anything.
After the cut, with blow dry and everything stylisht gave me final look and I even didn’t saw the mirror. I get up paid the bill and sat down in car to home.
But I don’t know what happen suddenly I started liking my short hair, I became so happy to see them, so finally I don’t regret about my short hair.

So women if you all looking for a change from long to short hair, just give it a try. I hope you all will not regret like I did.

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