Switzerland – The Ultimate Bollywood Dream ! – Travel

Where are we even living, if not in swiss! Damn ! Its Beautifulllll !!!

Its a Dream Destination of every human being. Specially for honeymooners.. Also for Indians in general Its a land where you can sense Bollywood in the air.

Its a Dream of every indian to be running on the streets of switzerland like Raj & Simran… Riding Bikes/ Driving cars … Wow!

Switzerland is also considered to be Heaven of the earth..For obvious reasons – Magnificent natural beauty, Snow covered high mountains, lakes, The flowers, Crystal clear water, Greenery & Clean empty streets.

It is also famous for It’s delectable Chocolates ?, Swiss Watches and many more things.

In aspect of tour, Swiss is one of the best and of coarse expensive country of The World.

We had 4 days experience of Switzerland.


Day 1- Geneva and night in Lungern

Day 2- Glacier 3000 in Les Diablerets.

Day 3-  Interlaken, Jungfraujoch

Day 4- Lucerne

lets explore the Swiss…


~ Day -1


Our first location was Geneva..

Geneva, is the most privileged city. As we all know & studied that Geneva has Headquarters of all major organisations of the world –



~ United Nations Conference on Trade and Development

~ World Health Organisation

~ International Committee of the Red Cross

~ World Trade Organisation

~ International Organization for Standardisation & Many more…


We stopped there for sometime, capture some pictures.

we were awestruck by the Magnificent, Beautiful and Tallest fountain of Europe  “The Jet d’Eau”.

it is visible throughout the city and from the air, even when flying over Geneva at an altitude of 10 kilometres (33,000 ft)

We could see Rainbow through it! It was Beautiful !


Guys’s it is must visit place to look into eyes of your loved ones, besides the lake like we did, sounds crazy..right..!!!

For instance have a look on the picture above..what we can do other then this being at such a lovely place.

WhatsApp Image 2017-06-22 at 9.30.30 PM.jpeg

It’s been a long time since we went there, but don’t know why still we lost into dreams with this place.

Now We were heading towards our Hotel at Lungern, On the way we saw this “The Broken Chair


It was 12 metres (39 feet) high. It symbolises opposition to land mines and cluster bombs, and acts as a reminder to politicians and others visiting Geneva.

After such a wonderful day, we headed to our hotel for dinner and night stay.
We are already happy for staying at hotel..who will not want to grab a night in
LUNGERN, such a lovely scenery outside the window of the room.

Snowy mountains , flowers, waterfalls. Amazing.

The best part is the that pleasant sounds of waterfall makes your ears feel good when you are standing with your partner in balcony of room.

All around the hotel, the environment was enough calm and pleasant to make you fall in love with this place.Its quite amazing.

It’s time to sleep as we have to continue our journey next morning.

Goodnight nature..!!


~ Day-2 



Alarm rings, we woke up in very cheerful mood, got ready, ran for breakfast & Got into our bus and started our journey to next location..for some adventures .yayyy..!!!

Well, it seems to be a snowy weekend in Les Diablerets, sounds scary, but its a lovely alpine village. incredibly beautiful snow covered mountains and scenery view can be seen outside the window of your room. after reaching our resort we were asked to put on some woollen clothes for our next adventurous spot… that is a  GLACIER 3000.

GLACIER 3000, mostly we have seen it in movies where many Bollywood numbers are shot.

This time we were approaching towards glacier 3000.high and magnificent snow covered mountain, Offering panoramic views of most beautiful summits of Alps.

Some of the main highlights which were the tourist attraction for glacier 3000 –

1.Aerial cable 

2.Alpine coaster

3. Chairlift 

4.. Peak view point

5. Restaurant botta. 


Now we experience the aerial cable to reach the exact place i.e glacier was damn too cold there.we were shivering due to so low temperature.The view from aerial cable cable was so scary as it reached upto a certain height.Cable car was approaching from one mountain to another so easily even in so uncertain climatic conditions.

We changed 2 Cable cars to finally reach the glacier.

Damn scary..!!! But still we can’t resist ourselves to took pictures of the scenario outside.

Seriously..!!! It is too hard to explain the beauty of the place in just some words.

It took few minutes to reach upto the glacier.



Yet..we were thinking like we are in a dream to ride the World’s Highest Bobsleigh Track.

After a long queue, it was our turn to enjoy the ride with some fear on our face. Before we could start the ride we were introduced by some safety rules and guidance to operate the toboggan

Nervousness, fear can be easily on our face while riding.

520 degree circles, followed by 10 curves, 6 waves, 3 jumps and two simple to write and typical to experience the can cruise  at approx 40km/hr and the brakes will determine you as fast you want to go according to your comfort zone.

The Alpine coaster quickly raise your adrenaline level and your Get your heart beating hard.

Always ask someone strong to control the lever of brakes while riding, never try to play with the speed of the coaster as it may cause serious injury.

Like we did, I asked my husband to sit back so that he could control brakes according to speed and I got seated at front to just enjoy the ride.

Because rather than fun, it is also a risky adventure..but we almost complete the ride with

All fun.we loved it.

Safety key points :-

  • Seatbelt is mandatory
  • Always maintain a distance of at least 25 metres between two toboggan to avoid harm and injuries.
  • It is prohibited to stop Anytime
  • And please follow the instructions of the personnel.

Guys please keep in mind these safety points, specially when you are experiencing this for the first time. Enjoy as well.


IMG_3186 2.jpg
3. CHAIR LIFT ( Ride to Snow)

Standing on the Scex rouge, brings you close to the external Ice. It work as source of communication from one place to other.In order to get to the Snow you need to seat on a chairlift which takes you there.

We were super excited for more activities so we took a seat on Chairlift, Lean back, relax, enjoying the view , capturing the snow in your cameras and now we’re ready for glacier activities .

After completing the Alpine coaster task, it was our first time to get interacted with external snow with naked eyes.

We wanted to play in snow like kids, started throwing snow balls on each other, clicked pictures with the snowman, keep rolling on ice, sliding and many more activities were the part of our fun.

Wohooooooo…!!! AMAZINGGGG!!





The peak view point is the highlight of glacier3000. It invites you to an adventure that can you can’t forget easily connecting  two peaks and taking guests to incredible heights.

Peak view point is such a wonderful point to see all high mountains, snow at a glance.

When you are standing at such height from where you can see all the nature beauty, you will automatically feel so calm being there.

For a while we forgot all worries and just lived the moment to the fullest, although  there it was damn cold to stand for a long time so spent few time and create memories .



Once you have completed all the fun glacier 3000 offering you, you need to relax and warm up.

Obviously after so hectic and tiring activities you need to re-energise yourself, which leads you to hunger so don’t worry there is a better option rather than hotel, the highest restaurant in the region

The restaurant Botta.. on the edge of glacier..sounds scary right?

With a breathtaking view over the highest mountains of alps, with culinary delights, soft and pleasant, cool and calm environments is what’s is all about Botta .

Sunny terrace, self service buffet, cheerful people in the restaurant,

So these things are main attractions for anyone to be there and enjoy the meal.
It’s a small quite noise place that one often hears in Restaurant .

On the ground floor we have a self service buffet system , where we have choices of various Dishes , salads etc.

Botta is the perfect and ideal venue to organise your dinner parties, gatherings under panoply of stars. Isnt it exciting.mountaineers will love the venue

So instead of any hotel Menu or just simple restaurant dinner go for such a wonderful place like botta to enjoy the mountain scenario while eating. There is no better place for your cravings..


~ Day 3


Day started with the same morning activities.

Like Morning alarms, getting ready in a couple of time and then run for breakfast.Taking seat in our bus .


Interlaken is not just another village in Swiss, it is the ultimate village .it offers various nice sightseeing . Interlaken is the city of two lakes, Lake Thun and Lake has many tourist attractions,  like Jungfraujoch, [will talk later about this], lakes and etc.


Feeling glad to introduce the most oldest hotel of Interlaken ,VICTORIA JUNGFRAUJOCH GRAND HOTEL AND SPA, most oldest and loved by celebrities hotel.more than that still this city has some more specialities , chocolates, Swiss chocolates are world famous.strolling around the streets of city we randomly get into a bakery and desired to have some delicious Chocolates. although i am very much fond of white chocolates, chocolate display was filled with different variety of chocolates. we  the lady at the counter to taste some of them ,they were so delectable and mouthwatering. we buy some for our family and Friends, who will not like to have Swiss chocolates. moving on further on the streets, we saw high brand watches showrooms. like Rado, Rolex and many more.


Jungfraujoch For next day adventure we were given a choice to stay at hotel and explore the beauty all around or a ride to Jungfraujoch obviously without wasting  any time we chose to be at the top of EUROPE.



Ride the Jungfrauchjoch  from Interlaken. It takes approx 2 hours to reach the glacier

Most of the places in Switchzerland can be easily seen in Bollywood movies. for example starting scenes from krissh 3 were shot at this observatory.


It is “The Top of Europe”…only name is enough., wonderful world of glaciers and Snow onto jungfraujoch we reached the highest altitude railway station by an alluring, pretty red cogwheel train, amid dramatic scenery .


Icy air streams across your face, snow crunches under your feet, and the view nearly take your breath away.

Highlights of top the Europe-
  1. Alpine sensation
  2. Ice palace (cave)
  3. Snow fun park


Let’s explore into details…






This is the moving walkways with images, lights and music. It’s between sphinx observatory and ice palace. It all seems so beautiful like a cave with moving images all around visitors.

It was a different and amazing experience being at the top.we loved  the most fascinating adventure tour of the alpine sensation.



Next to it don’t forget to stroll through the


ls of ice palace with very low temperature .you can easily imagine how cold it would have been at minus temperatures. We walked through the tunnel by holding the hand in hand of one another because of the slippery ice floor.

So many ice statues can be seen while waking inside.




If lounging around in the sun is not your thing, then snow fun park is the place for you, snow lovers  can refresh themselves and gives winter sport a try. We didn’t try any of those but people around us were having fun on ice skiing, sledging, snow tubing, snowboarding ? , you may also feel the thrilling sensation of wind and powdered snow on your face while rushing down to a toboggan run.

It’s a complete adventure for the snow lovers.

You can’t buy air as a memory, but there you can shop souvenirs at Jungfrauch.

Nobody wants to come back empty handed.

Being on the top of Europe was one of our favourite memories.

~ Day - 4 lucerne 


Lucerne in Switzerland The city the lake and mountains.lucerne offers outstanding Diversity. It ranks amongst the worlds prettiest cities and there is more to see.

Its not a Tourist place instead its a Place to live forever!!

We are ready to explore more about lucerne.our first stop in lucerne was the world famous chapel bridge.


chapel bridge is a covered footbridge spanning diagonally  across the river Reuss. we came to know about the bridge from guide.

As part of bridge complex , it includes the tall octagonal water tower , however tower is not the water tower in usual sense , but the name comes from the fact that the tower is standing in the water, hence named water tower.

Main attraction of the bridge is all due to those beautiful flowers.
Whole bridge is covered with colourful flowers.


Later on moving onto next, was dying lion carved on the wall of stone above the river.
it is  known as “the lion monument” it symbolises the loyalty and courage of swiss. we stopped there for sometime, clicked pictures and then we wanted to explore the city more.

one thing i must say about swiss..We visited Bachmann shop for The Most Famous Macaroons.

Well that was all for Switzerland, Damn! We want to settle there for life man ! Arrgh!

SWISS IS HEAVEN…to make anyone fall in love with this country.




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