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We would love to share our experience of spending the day in the most unique city of the world, Venice. Venice has and always will be very popular destinations for tourists in Italy. Venice was that dream you never want to wake from.City is quite beautiful spot of colourful building, canals, bridges, small streets. When you look all around the city it looks like some watercolour painting.
Perhaps, there is no other place as romantic as Venice truly a dream city. Reasons to visit Venice are endless. Like, alleyways, delectable cuisines, Gandolian rides, canals.


Grand canal in Venice -

As we stepped out of station, we got struck with the first view of grand canal, which runs through the city. There were many water source of transportation like water taxis, gandolas, ships. Where would you imagine roads to be, there is water all around. Grand canal is the Main Street in the venice. It is the major water source sweeping through this amazing city. The best way to view this magnificent buildings along the grand canal of course is to travel by cruise from one end to other.

Things to see in Venice

St. Mark’s campanile – the bell tower of St. Mark’s campanile is one of the most recognisable landmark of venice. The height of bell tower is almost 100 m.

Bridges – whenever we talk about the bridges, Venice is definitely the first place that comes in our minds. Venice is a city built on the water. I am going to try to tell you about some famous bridges. Mostly bridges are wide and built of stone with shallow steps which makes them very easy to navigate.

Bridges of sighs- originally bridges were made of wood or stone.
Rialto Bridge- this is the oldest bridge and one of the most famous picture taking spots in venice.
There are little tourist shops across the bridge.It is an elegant work of arched stones with wide steps in the middle.under the arcades are numerous shop selling mostly tourist items
Every bridges has its own fascinating and mysterious story. Many of them have beautiful carvings, many of them are decorated with the colourful and beautiful flowers.

Riva Degli Schiavoni- it is the wide waterfront in Venice. This is the popular tourist area features many restaurants, cafes, shops and many tourist attractions. This place is often overcrowded. People walking all around looks so happy and cheerful that makes your day. There are many buildings and hotels around the waterfront. We love the place for it’s atmosphere like crowd all around, cafes, restaurants with multi cuisines. And if you are shopaholic you will definitely going to love this waterfront . Eating and shopping across the waterside is just an amazing and completely a different experience. It all seems to be a fare.

Gandolas or Gandolian ride- for centuries, gandolas was the main means of transportation and most watercraft in venice. But in modern times iconic boats still have a major role in public transport. Gandolian ride is the one Venetian tourist trap everyone falls into willingly.
Long, sleek, black. Gandolian rides are very romantic if you are with your loving partner. As we all have see that in movies to make Gandolian ride romantic and the memorable one with our loved ones. And since teenage we all are trying to make that scene a real one into our life.
These are expensive. So make absolutely sure you agree upon the price and duration of the trip before you step into the boat, and go by your watch ( strangely, gondoliers often runs fast.)

Colourful buildings- Venice is one of the most extraordinary places on the earth.Romance flows down its canals like the many little boats, gandolas that float along its waterways.
Burano is a little island. It’s streets and canals are lined with extremely beautiful and attracting brightly coloured buildings. The closer you look you will came to know about the fact that no building was the same colour. It’s a very happy to feel the whole place looks like a toy shop. Little canals, colouredhouses, shops. Colourful flowers on the windows of houses were the perfect to match with the colours of building. It is the main highlights of our visit to this remarkable destinations.
Venice- love at first sight…!!!


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